2 freebies… plus a great deal on Amazon.com


Pass the word to anyone who liked Narnia, City of Ember, or Wrinkle in Time…  Amazon.com has slashed the price of my book by 40%.  If you are buying through the U.S. site, the book now only costs $9.04. Put one in somebody’s Easter basket along with the chocolate.

Now, for the freebies.

FREEBIE # 1: Click below for a pdf of the first three chapters. Feel free to share it with anyone who might be interested.


FREEBIE # 2: Click below for a coloring page of the book cover. Also as a pdf.  And again, feel free to share.

Coloring page of Caves of Fire



Unexpected Tears In The Metro

After a couple years without one, I’ve just joined a new writing group. At the end of our first meeting, two of us chatted about our backgrounds as we headed toward the metro station.

Among other things, I told her I’d been born in a village of a couple hundred people… Had been plunged into a new culture and language as a teenager… That my parents had run a non-profit supply organization in Africa.

“How have all those things influenced your writing?” my new friend asked.

“My… My writing?”

She nodded.

“Umm…” I hesitated, scrambling for an answer. I’ve been writing for a while. You’d think I’d have given that question some thought.

Apparently not. Wow.

I mumbled something inadequate and we parted ways. But as I threaded my way through the crowd toward my train, her question stuck with me.

“How have life-events influenced your writing? How have life-events influenced your writing? How have—”

I stopped.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

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